OtarBioPharm LLP can provide services in the field of contract manufacturing of pharmaceutical products and offers mutually beneficial reliable relations and stable strategic partnership.

The company offers services for bottling the bulk product into bottles of format 2R, 4R, as well as vials of 100 ml. Washing and sterilization of vials, dosed bottling of drugs into vials of their closure and seaming into caps of the “Flip-Off” type (i.e. primary packaging) is carried out automatically on a special production line, in clean rooms. If it is necessary to release a dry drug – the line has freeze-drying machine.
Checking vials for tightness and other physical parameters of drugs are checked in an automated mode on modern high-tech inspection machines.
Also at our plant the processes of labeling, assembly and secondary packaging of bottles are automated.
Intermediate storage, storage of finished products is carried out in private climatic chambers at temperatures of + 2 + 8 º C. The capacity of the warehouse of finished products is more than 90 pallet positions.
Compliance with the principles of legality, integrity, professionalism is the basis for fruitful and mutually beneficial cooperation with both Kazakhstani and foreign pharmaceutical companies.
Sustainable and successful development of the Company is determined by the implementation of our strategic priorities – priorities of quality, efficacy and safety of manufactured and developed medicines.