The first large full-cycle BIOPHARMACEUTICAL plant in the Republic of Kazakhstan. «OtarBioPharm» LLP is a part of the Joint-Stock Company «National Holding «QazBioPharm»

Compilation of immunobiological preparations

Packaging and storage of immunobiological preparations

Quality control of immunobiological preparations


OtarBioPharm LLP has a Certificate of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)

Mission of LLP “OtarBioPharm”

  • Development of the domestic pharmaceutical industry
  • Advanced training of personnel in the field of production of immunobiological drugs
  • Reducing the dependence of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the import of strategic medical and veterinary drugs intended for the prevention and treatment of diseases caused by pathogens, as well as eliminating the risks associated with overstating the cost of drugs during emergencies
  • Increasing the level of biological security of the country
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Products of the company

ТОО “OtarBioPharm” carries out high-tech production, which specializes in innovative products that are competitive on the world market

Product catalog