April 10, 2024


On April 09-10, 2024, Director for General Affairs A. Satybaldiyev, Head of the Production Unit D. Kaysenov, Leading Equipment Engineer D. Shulenbayev and press secretary A. Kaltayev took part in the 2nd International Congress and Exhibition «Pharma Kazakhstan and Central Asia» in Almaty, organized by Vostoc Capital, which brought together more than 200 representatives of companies.

The Congress and Exhibition «Pharma Kazakhstan» is a unique professional international platform for the leaders of the pharmaceutical industry of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and other countries with the participation of investment project managers, major enterprises, authorities, regulatory and supervisory authorities, licensors of production technologies, developers, manufacturers and suppliers of equipment, engineering and design and construction companies, suppliers of technologies and services.  The event is dedicated to the discussion of the largest investment projects for the construction and modernization of production facilities, as well as opportunities to improve the efficiency of existing pharmaceutical manufacturing enterprises.

Reports at the Congress were made by leading Kazakhstani and foreign companies in the field of pharmaceutical production, as well as representatives of bodies and organizations that control this industry and regulate their activities. In turn, Bekjigit Abit, Director of the Department of International Cooperation, Marketing and Promotion of the QazBioPharm National Holding, presented a report on the group of companies that are part of the Holding, emphasizing the capabilities of the Partnership, and also spoke about the readiness of the Holding’s enterprises for any type of collaboration in the field.

Eleonora Nasanova, Head of Regional Sales for Central Asia at Sartorius, the main supplier of the plant’s production equipment, expressed pride in the existence of a full-cycle immunobiological production in the country and even in Central Asia in accordance with the GMP standard.

In general, participation in the congress was useful, because during the congress negotiations were initiated, during which many pharmaceutical equipment manufacturers and providers expressed a desire to cooperate with the Partnership.